TVG 3rd MonthOn my way to the Tumour Vaccin Group at Medical Center.  Note to myself: I must remember to take my strong painkillers to make the vaccinations less painful. The vaccinations are not ‘jabs’ like we give our children for Measles. They are 3 sets of injections, where the go in just under the surface of your skin and then they wiggle the needle, to spread the serum, around that area under the skin. It is so HORRIBLE – and this happens three times……….off I go ……..  Luckily I  remembered the pain killers.  I was greeted by the lovely nurses and administrators again – which reminds me so much of chemo – you just can’t be sad or tired when you are surrounded by such positive people.  After blood tests and  the usual long questionnaire of any symptoms or reactions are talked through and a thorough physical check up  (very happy to see that my blood pressure was 94/62).  It was all over in a matter of minutes – and I was observed for an hour and then the delightful Ismail took me to the airport bound for NY. So its all over for this month and I come back next month.  It has been a very easy thing to partake in but what disturbs me somewhat is that they do not have their full quota for this trial.  If anybody knows anybody who has Stage IV Her + Breast Cancer and is currently on Herceptin, but is in Remission then please contact the Tumour Vaccine Group for information about partaking in this trial.  There is no down side – but a huge upside – basically it could keep that person tumour free for many many years to come, and perhaps for ever.  

Yay!  Vaccines all over.  Back in a month.