Dry Flaky Nails – during & post treatment? I have finally found a solution. Since chemotherapy and all my other ongoing treatments my nails have just never recovered. Believe me – I have tried everything, but they continued to be dry, flaky, week & peeling – they just would never grow. There never seemed to be a quick and easy solution, until a lovely girl who was attempting to give me a manicure (my nails were far too short and flaky) told me what to do. First paint on a nail strengthener – DON’T WAIT FOR IT TO DRY, and then immediately after, put on lashings of nail replenishing oil (or olive oil – any oil really), and then immediately massage this into your nails. It may sound strange, but the nails dry immediately. So there is no waiting time and you can do the whole process from start to finish in one minute, and then be able to get on with more important things in your life!!!! I am very generous with the oil and use what ever has not been absorbed, to massage into my fingers and hands. What I like about this is that it is such a quick treatment. Keep it by your bed and do it every other night and you really should see an improvement. The added bonus is the your nails look lovely too! Please share with anybody suffering from this annoying problem! And I would love to hear from you once you have tried it to see what you think.