There is vast potential of using “off label” medications to enhance the treatment of many forms of cancer. I have Stage 1V Breast Cancer, thus I am focusing on what I have found out about this. Extensive research has discovered the vast potential of using “off-label” medications and focusing on specific low-toxic non-cancer drugs that have been “re-purposed” for use by breast cancer patients, to reduce their risks of recurrence and mortality.Today, I am concentrating on one of these common and inexpensive drugs – Beta Blockers. The data these two researchers present on Beta Blockers (normally used for hypertension) is nothing short of mind-boggling and they have manageable and generally minimal side effects. The findings incredibly show that taking Beta Blockers can reduce mortality and cancer relapse.  The older type Beta Blocker namely Propranolol (with the brand name Inderal) blocks both Beta-1 and Beta-2 Adrenergic Receptors, which is key – because many of the new Beta Blockers only block Beta-1 – which is clearly insufficient for stopping cancer. In other words, it is only the old style beta blocker Propranolol because it also blocks Beta-2, which is the linchpin for stopping breast cancer growth., (Please note that Atenolol – one of the new Beta Blockers that only inhibits Beta-1, has not reliably been shown to reduce breast cancer mortality.)The effects are incredible, as has been shown in cell studies; animal studies, and – most importantly – human population studies in which researchers looked back at who took Propranolol for blood pressure to see how they fared compared to the rest of the patients. The most remarkable study drew from research on 5,333 breast cancer patients from the Irish National Registry; the researchers found that 590 of […]