Cancer Coaching and Wellness Sessions

Cancer CounsellorI practice from my home in Surrey/West Sussex (close to Haslemere Train Station) and also, in Chelsea, London. Do email me to arrange a FREE consultation.

I have been contacted by many people, people that I do not know, who have either just been diagnosed, or are living with cancer.

They have heard that I am been doing many things, coping well, and that I have adapted my lifestyle to embrace dealing with this disease with spectacular results – and some of the things they want to know are:

  • how I deal with my situation
  • what do I do to make it easier?
  • how do I remain positive

I can advise on a myriad of practical different things from:

  • products to use to combat side effects
  • wigs and hair
  • lymphodema,
  • nutrition & exercise
  • off label” medications
  • complementary therapy
  • making surgeries, scans & hospital visits more comfortable
  • discussing pending surgeries and treatments

Or if it is just about the emotional side of things – then that is something I can help with too. Once you enter into the world of cancerites you realise that we are all having the same feelings, (positive and negative) and it is very reassuring to talk to someone who is going through it, rather than feel alone. It helps you turn some negative thoughts into positive thoughts.

Off Label” medications are prescription drugs that may complement and enhance standard of care therapy. Treating your cancer in combination with your existing treatment may increase its effect. The medications are well understood, with low side effects, offering you an acceptable quality of life.