Cancer is My Teacher

In my coaching, and in my book I cover topics such as:

  • How do you tell people you have Cancer?
  • How do you tell your family?
  • How will they react?
  • Why do some people not acknowledge I have cancer?
  • Will I have chemotherapy first or radiotherapy or both?
  • The Administrative Nightmare & the order of treatments
  • Organising yourself and your environment around you
  • How can others help you
  • How relationships can change
  • Scans, MRIs & Testings


  • Things to do before you start chemotherapy
  • Your first day at chemotherapy
  • Your chemo kit list
  • Wigs and other head gear
  • Side effects and how to combat them
  • Chemo buddies
  • Side effects and how to deal with them


  • Your first day at radiotherapy
  • Side effects of radiotherapy
  • Surgery & Hospital Stays
  • Sexual Health
  • Nutrition & Exercise
  • When the treatment is over – what happens now?

Surgery & Hospital Stays

  • Hospital Kit List
  • Managing your pain relief
  • Visitors
  • Risk of infection

Nutrition & Exercise

  • Will my oncologist tell me about nutrition?
  • Taking supplements
  • How much, and what type of exercise should I take?

Very importantly – I do not hail from a medical background.  I have no medical qualifications and I am not a nutritionist.  However, I have been in the “healthy” food industry for many years and I am passionate about the subject.  I feel that to cope with Cancer, apart from your gold standard treatment, you also need to address: your emotions, spirituality, exercise and nutrition.  All those combined together make the whole thing so much easier to live through.

If there is one thing that resonates more in my mind than anything else it is this: “It Is What It Is”.  Once I realised that, which was quite early on, and after some fantastic courses and meditations, I came to the conclusion that “Cancer” really WAS my “Teacher”.