Useful Websites

Here are a few specialist websites that have helped me, and I hope will help you too:

This website goes into great detail about the benefits of an alkaline diet. (Applied Functional Medicine)

Bob Jacobs, a Naturopath is the driving force behind AFM specialising in promoting immune system function, hormone balance, brain chemistry, metabolism and energy levels.

A beautiful range of hats, bandanas and turbans.

A meditation course in the form of an app which leads you through a series of 10 minute meditation practices.

Burgs has been teaching meditation in Europe and Asia since 1995, and has hosted over 100 retreats from 5 days to 5 months. He offers many meditation courses on-line also.

Suppliers of organic health and beauty products.

A leading supplier of wigs & hairpieces – natural and synthetic.

Chamomile Suite provides a supportive, bespoke hair loss service from a tranquil private residence in Battersea. Understanding the distress that hair loss can cause, their first priority is to put you at ease. You are invited to park right outside the house, bring a friend or relative, and receive practical and emotional help in addressing your concerns. Alternatively, they will come to you at your treatment centre, home or office if you prefer.

Elizabeth Peyton Jones – Eat Yourself Young
Well-known for her youth-enhancing detox diets, Elizabeth is a master herbalist and has a BA Hons., Dip Herb., and is a ND Herbalist/Naturopath. She is the author of an Amazon sell-out Eat Yourself Young and is regarded as the food and health expert.

Youthfulness is on everyone’s mind, and Elizabeth’s philosophy is to decelerate the ageing process by combating the ageing effects of five bodily processes through a simple and rejuvenating way of eating. This helps restore balanced functioning, lower body fat, encourage good sleep, skin, hair and nails and promotes high energy levels so people quickly look and feel much more vibrant, dynamic and youthful.

Eat Yourself Young (EYY)
How would you like to look and feel years younger, revitalise your body, your outlook and your life? Elizabeth’s latest book, Eat Yourself Young (EYY), is a revolutionary new eating plan that can help you achieve your aims.
In Eat Yourself Young, Elizabeth identifies:

  • The five ageing processes and how to minimise their effects
  • The five most ageing foods and how to avoid them
  • The five most youthing foods – start incorporating them into your diet now
  • A youthing detox to refuel the body
  • Over 80 delicious youthing recipes
  • Strategies and tips on how to sustain youthfulness for life