I have been feeling really rotten for the last few months – and I just have not been able to work it out. As I have Stage 4 Cancer, I am on many different medications, such as Tamoxifen (which we all know is vile!), Herceptin, Bisphosphonates, Statins, and Metformin to name a few. I also take a lot of carefully selected supplements to help counteract the side effects of all these drugs. When you have to take a lot of medication, it can deplete you in other essential nutrients that you would normally take for granted. So when it comes to feeling rubbish, sometimes it is difficult to work out what is making you feel that way.Numerous blood tests and investigative processes later and I am still in the dark. But, a word of caution, when it comes to blood tests it is easy to think that if your bloods come back perfectly fine (like mine always do) that you are well. But that is not the case. When I was diagnosed in 2001 with metastisised breast cancer my bloods had been perfectly fine and all within normal ranges. (Granted they hadn’t tested for Vitamin D which was extremely low – but that is whole nother story and rant!!)Last week I had a light bulb moment! I think I know what this ghastly malaise could be. Apart from feeling a complete weakling and tired all the time, I have been having really intense gastrointestinal problems, know as GERD: – bloating, reflux, swelling, stomach pains, runny tummy, nausea and even nasty full throttle vomiting – all for no reason. Whilst wracking my brains and going for all these endless check-ups, I suddenly remembered that, for […]