By the way UDub is the cool name for the University of Washington Hospital which is where I am being treated.

Well – I am alive – no life threatening reactions.! Just similar ones to my regular chemo – hot and cold fluy feelings and fatigue – exactly what I thought I’d get Its difficult to tell as today is Day 5 since I had my chemo in London and that is when I get the symptoms from that – bone ache etc.   Definitely getting a tummy ache after the twice daily tea drinking sessions though – I wonder whats in it???

This morning I checked in with the team to have another blood draw and drink my tea.  What a fabulous group of people they are – Stephanie who I have been talking to for 2 years, but never met until now, is a mine of information – she coordinates everything – and I can tell you, it is a well run ship.  There is nothing that Stephanie doesn’t know.  

Its another unusually sunny day and following the hospital visit, Carletto and I went to the Space Needle. From 520 ft you get a 360 degree view of Seattle – I was very impressed until we then went on a Seaplane – now, that is where you get the really fantastic views.  We flew all around Seattle – over Bill Gate’s Estate, the first Amazon headquarters, the floating houses (where Sleepless in Seattle was filmed) and over all the different lakes and stunning areas of Seattle.  I thought Seattle was beautiful from the ground but it was awesome from the air.  

Our Seaplane Experience!

Our Seaplane Experience!










We have done many other fun and interesting things – but these few posts are really to explain my TVG trials.  I come back for the next injections in mid-June, July, August and September.